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June 1, 2011

Free sample of Taj Mahal Tea from Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL)

 Free Sample of  Taj Mahal Tea
Over the years, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea has been a choice of the discerning as a symbol of the best of India.

Their  master blenders and tasters painstakingly select the finest teas to create a robust, full-bodied brew with a lingering aroma that makes you say ….. “Wah Taj”.

Cheer your senses as you experience this exclusive brew during those precious moments with special people.

Now get a free sample of Taj Mahal Tea from Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL).
Click Here to order your free sample.


  1. not able to order the sample as the link given is showing error...

  2. ordered samples in the month of june but did not receive anything till now. Did any1 reced any sample?